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The introduction of Steadicam in 1976 revolutionized the world of film and video.  Over the past 3 decades, Steadicam has been an invaluable, dynamic production tool in the industry.  New generations of Steadicam Camera Stabilizing Systems have been comprehensively redesigned to unleash endless creative possibilities. Tiffen offers you a complete line of state-of-the-art models to meet your film and video needs.  Tiffen is committed to support the needs of the motion picture, broadcast and professional imaging industries with the latest state-of-the-art steadicam technology to meet your film and video needs.


The New Steadicam G-50X Arm

The G-50x is the second release of Tiffen’s G-Series arms. The revolutionary, patented Geo spring geometry optimizes performance throughout its lifting range. It tames high/low arm travel with adjustable-length crankshafts that dynamically rock the spring termination as the arm is boomed up or down. Powered by titanium springs, the G-50x arm smoothly carries any load from 12 to 50 pounds (5.4 to 23 kg). The all new bearing performance enhancements on the G-50x arm makes even the slowest camera moves ultra smooth.

Lifting capacity 23 kg

Boom range 73 cm


Hardmount for pipe or prop


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