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All our SLIDER - rental



Developed in Holland to make camera moves at little locations or diffecult locations for a normal dollie .

See pictures what the slider dollie can do .



The TwinDolly is basically a hi hat / low bowl with wheels, in an effective design. Together with TwinTube it is comparative with the old school camrail. It has the same elements as a slider but it is definitely more versatile. It is a simple small dolly and track system for more heavy cameras like Arricam or a fully equipped Red or Alexa  but also 5 D or 7 D cameras can be slide .

With different lenght of track 80 , 100 , 120 cm you can make camera moves at very little locations , like bathroom or bedroom.

Its also easy to slide over a table or bed .


Lowboy statief


100 mm or 150 mm bowl






Special made to film on difficult reachable places, so that is still possible to make movements with the camera.

The cam rail can be electrical driven with different kinds of speed.  Its light weight and sturdy tracking system makes it possible to run heavy video cameras over natural obstables. Uneven surfaces are no problems, the rails remain steady and livel on their tripods. One man can easily put the track together within minutes. Cam-rail (twin-cam) is of invaluable help for studio and model shots. The low-coast and tranportability allow you to consider tracking-shots for all your projects.


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