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Movi 15 with mimic

With this equipment you can execute precisely your vision for your movie, commercial or videoclip. This new generation of stabilized camera gimbals is aimed to empower a new era of stabilized cinematography.

Discover the story about Grip4rigging, the origins, what we do now and our goals.

Find out our work : Movies, Advertisings, Video Clips, Concerts and Documentaries.

Find all the grip equipment you need !

We always try to find what's new on the market. Don't hesitate to call us that we can built your needs.

Grip equipment amsterdam rotterdam
Grip equipment amsterdam rotterdam
Grip steadicam amsterdam rotterdam

Now for rent



Now for rent

Make your camera fly in the air and realize amazing stable and precise shots on a cable. Until 200 meters long and from 5km/h to 40km/h speed.

Compatible with FreeflyMovi, DJI Ronin and many other gimbals.


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